VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT (The Central Statistical Organization is Urgently Looking for National Expert for Short Term - Training on Statistical Methodologies in Rice Production Sector)


Job Description
1. Factors that affect rice production, consumption and trade
2. Determination of research areas and research samples by using statistical methods.
3. Methods of data collection and compilation to obtain the data needed to analyze the above factors.
4. Statistical analysis based on the data availability.
Key Requirements
1. Master Degree in Statistics or Economics
2. Strong experiences on working with affect of rice production, determination of research area, methods of data collection and statistical data analysis
3. Ability to provide the flexible teaching methods based on the technical level and learning capacities of the trainees
4. Experiences of working with government departments
5. Able to work independently
The interested applicants should send their resume to [email protected] not later than July 22, 2022.


For further enquiries: 067 3406351

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