VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT (The Central Statistical Organization is Urgently Looking for National Expert for Short Term Training on Vital Statistics Analysis and Report Writing for Promoting )


Statistical Literacy Job Description
1.    Provide technical advice for national and local level CRVS improvements.
2.    Develop tools and methods for CRVS assessment followed by analysis and assessment findings.
3.    Establishing a functioning system for collecting, processing and disseminating of Vital Statistics.
4.    Training on Statistical Report by using CRVS Data.
5.    Training materials are to be prepared by integrating with the theoretical concepts and the real-world hand-on case studies projects.
6.    Assessments are to be done at the end of the training to evaluate the trainees’ improvement.
7.    Completion report is to be submitted to the Central Statistical Organization at the end of the training.
Key Requirements
1.    Master Degree in Statistics or Demography
2.    English proficiency and knowledge on Vital Statistics
3.    Able to discuss and share knowledge on Vital Statistics.
4.    Able to work independently.
5.    Experiences of working with government departments.
The interested applicants should send their resume to [email protected] not later than July 20, 2022.


For further enquires : 067 3406351

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