VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT for Training on Data Base System Construction No. 1

ရာထူး: National Expert for Short Term – Training on Data Base System Construction No. 1

Job Description

Provide Consultation service about data analysis, database management and administration to meet organization requirements.

Instruct Database creation, management, administration and maintenance.

Require teaching and training to clients in constructing database structure, and Structure Query Language (SQL).

Develop training curriculum and prepare teaching materials, if it is required.

Create rules and procedures for data retrieving and sharing.

Advice to develop and implement procedures for effective data analysis and management.

Guideline regulatory monitor and evaluate database system to operate regularly.

Guideline regulatory maintenance procedures and database backup system.

Supervise on Job training, group project for data management.

Key Requirements

Any Master Degree in related IT field or Master Degree in Computer Science.

English proficiency and strong knowledge on Data Management, Database Management and Database Administration.

Strong Knowledge in Microsoft SQL Server Architecture, MSSQL Server Backup and Recovery.

Advanced Proficiency in Structure Query Language (SQL).

Expert in building Database Structure and Management.

Strong Analytical skills and ability to identify organization (or) department requirements, especially in data analysis.

Able to work independently.

Experiences in coordinating with government officer and working with government departments.

Any related certificates in Database Management and Administrator is more preferable.

The interested applicants should send their resume to [email protected] not later than June 30, 2022.




 further enquires : 067 3406351