Key objectives of Internal Revenue Department

In order to collect revenue without any gap, to make the tax system in line with the market economy and to control inflation and high consumer prices through tax system, the five objectives are formulated as follows:

  • To assist the economic and social development of the state and the people by collecting revenue without any gap
  • To transform into self-assessment system by improving voluntary compliance through tax education and tax service
  • To build the trust of the people on tax offices by making assessment in accordance with the laws
  • To improve tax offices so that they could use modern technology
  • To build the capacity of staff so that they are polite, honest and knowledgeable

Purpose of tax collection

The main purpose is to earn revenue for the expenditures of the state and to support the economic objectives of the state. In addition, the following purposes are also in place:

  • To ensure a good fiscal system in the country, to ensure good cash flow and to control inflation
  • To balance domestic consumption, saving and investment
  • To help stabilize the consumer prices
  • To ensure income distribution
  • To support the economic development
  • To assist the implantation of the economic objectives of the country
  • To protect domestic enterprises

Tax Policy

  1. To collect revenue which should be collected in accordance with the law
  2. To ensure a fair tax system which supports the market economy
  3. To balance domestic consumption, saving and investment for the purpose of economic development and stabilization
  4. To improve the national health, strength and morality through the tax system
  5. To support the conservation and sustainability of natural resources and minerals through the tax system