Policy, Objectives and Functions of Planning Department


  • To support for building the nation's sustainable development through the participatory people centered approach.


  • To formulate annual plans, short-term plans, and long-term development plans for socio-economic development with the people centered approach.
  • To formulate and propose national plans to create the balanced and proportionate among the states and regions.
  • To propose the public investment plans in line with the nation's policies.
  • To release and analyse on the actual situations of socio-economic development of the nation by qualified performance indicators.


(a) To propose the formulating national plans for socio-economic development base on priorities processes under the nation's policies.

(b) To propose the formulating public sector investment plans to achieve the all round socio-economic development for entire population.

(c) To formulate the national plans and public investment plans including supporting programs to create the balance and proportionate development among the states and regions.

(d) To include the programs for enhancing the coordination and cooperation among sectors, regions and, sectors and regions in formulating national plan.