Ministry of Planning and Finance

Foreign Economic Relations Department


Policy  Objectives, Aims &Functions of the

1.Overall Policy Objectives

  • Economic cooperation with foreign countries as well as external organizations for receiving external aids in forms of grants ,  financial  assistance and technical assistance for economic and social development of the state in line with the fundamental institution development
  • Bi-lateral economic cooperation and coordination as well as United Nation Organizations



  • To promote economic cooperation with foreign countries as well as external organizations for mobilization of external resources in forms of grants,  loans and technical assistance for the economic and social development of the country
  • To contribute to the ASEAN economic integration
  • To enhanced foreign economic relation with a view to achieving people centered, inclusive and sustainable development of  Myanmar
  • To support institutional development of the Government through coordination for training and scholarship programmes offered by development partners



  1. Formulating the national policies and strategies for effective and efficient use of development assistance based on the development priorities set forth by the Government.
  2. Acting as a focal point for bilateral countries, UN agencies, and international organisations, in mobilizing external financial and technical assistance and sending fellowships to abroad
  3. Coordinating with relevant authorities and development partners to ensure that necessary budget issecured within annual budget for smooth implementation of the programmes, projects and other activities supported by development assistance
  4. Coordinating among Foreign Countries, International Organizations, Scholarship Selection and Approval Committee of Myanmar and Government Agencies regarding the scholarship and training courses abroad for human resource development.
  5. Providing the recommendation for INGOs to register in Myanmar and updating the INGOs Project list.
  6. Coordinating between Development Partners and Ministries concerned to maintain was established for effectiveness of ODA to maintain a database of development partners’ programmes and projects in Myanmar through the ‘Mohinga’ Aid Information Management System (AIMS).
  7. Coordinating the process for ASEAN economic integration, economic cooperation within East - Asia, and for Greater Mekong Sub-region Economic cooperation
  8. Acting as the secretariat for Development Assistance Coordination Unit (DACU)
  9. Acting  as the secretariat for Economic Committee (EC)