Ministry of Planning and Finance

Central Equipment statistics and Inspection Department

Brief History

  1. In order to manage the capacity of machineries and equipment of government departments and organizations, the Equipment Control Committee was formed on 28 March 1959 and  performed the tasks with (4) engineers, (10)staff, totally (14)members, according to  notification no.67 of Ministry of National Planning
  2. According to Ministry of Planning and Finance’s letter no. Saba-2/3/24(65/72) issued on 6 October 1972, renamed and restructured to Central  Equipment Statistics and Inspection Department with the officer (24) members, staff (480)members, totally (504)members. The department was organizational restructuring on step by step, the organizational structure had extended with officer (129) members, staff (445) members, totally (574) members according to the permission of Union Government’s meeting no. (2/2015) held on 15 January 2015. Nowadays the tasks are implementing with the officer (79) members, staff (271) members, totally (350) members.


To perform the state-owned vehicles and equipment for maximum capacity and full utilization in line with the policy of the state.


The Central Equipment Statistics and Inspection Department has been implementing for the following visions.

(a)    Must be systematically collect and keep records of statistical data of state-owned vehicles, machineries and office equipment.
(b)    Must be issued policies, directives and supervision to make management of state-owned vehicles and machineries.
(c)    Must be Check and allow for repair charges of vehicles and machineries.
(d)    Must be arrange the transportation of the persons of state level and state guest.
(e)    Must be issue necessary directive for procurement of stated owned machineries and equipment from ministries and organizations and making procure if necessary.