Organization structure

  • Project Appraisal and Inspection Division

    • Projects Appraisal Section (1)

    • Projects Appraisal Section (2)

    • Projects Inspection Section

  • Organization Structure and Reporting Division

    • Organization Appraisal Section

    • Cadre, Salary and Job Opportunity Section

    • Reporting Section

  • Administration and Account Division

    • Administrative Section

    • Accounting Section

    • Training and Computer Section

    • Secretariat Office of Privatization Commission

Responsibilities of Project Appraisal and Inspection Division

The section appraise and report the new and extension projects from identification step to completion step with the following functions:
 (a)    Appraise the project whether it should implement or not
 (b)    Reporting the progress quarterly during implementation stage
 (c)    Reporting the implementation progress by field inspection
 (d)    Evaluating the project after completion

Responsibilities of Organization Structure and Reporting Division

This division analyses the Government organization structures with below objectives:
(a)    To set up the correct organizational structure of departments and enterprises in economic and social sectors of the State
(b)    To get the expected results with fully strength of organization structures
(c)    To protect waste of State Budget with shaping precise structure of the organization
(d)    To check the proposed organization structures for recruiting new staffs in line with government guideline
(e)    To report the implementation of the State-owned Enterprises

Responsibilities Administrative and Account Division

  • To perform administrative matters, office procurement, allocation, utilization of  vehicle and office equipment, managing the current and capital expenditure in line with budget rule and regulation

  • To carry out the capacity building trainings for staffs in local and foreign countries, computer related matters, information system, cadre statement database and  library function

  • Since 1995, Privatization Commission has been formed to perform systematically the process of privatization according to the market economic system to improve economic reform. PAPRD is responsible for the office works of Privatization Commission