Under the Myanmar Revolutionary Council, Ministry of National Planning sent the experienced officials from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of National Planning, Ministry of Finance and Revenue and Ministry of Industry to study Organization Structure, Management and Operation Systems of German Enterprise at Germany in November 1968.

After coming back to Myanmar in July 1970, they had been attached to the Ministry of National Planning and assigned to carry out the following functions under the supervision of Deputy Ministers of Ministry of Industry, Ministry of National Planning and Ministry of Cooperatives:

  1. To analyze Feasibility Survey which is conducted occasionally by  public enterprises and organizations
  2. To review Organization Set-up
  3. To report the progress of public enterprises by analyzing their statistics

Under the supervision of three deputy ministers, they initiated to implement the above tasks. Since January 1971, they have continued working under the supervision of Ministerial Economic Coordination Committee.

The Committee made appraisal on economic plans, projects and reviewing issues and reports with the coordination of line ministries, and then submitted the report and suggestion to Ministerial Economic Coordination Committee.

In doing so, it was recognized that a separate department was needed to carry out these functions. On 1 October 1972, Project Appraisal and Progress Reporting Department (PAPRD) was established under the Ministry of Planning and Finance with the personnel strength of 54 in which 18 officers and 36 other ranks, according to the permission of higher administrative authorities and appointed 17 officers and 23 staffs, and total 40.

Organizational Structure Changes

PAPRD was organized according to Order No. 1/72(85) (1235/86) of Ministry of Planning and Finance dated on 2 July 1986 with the total permitted staffs 203, 49 officers and 154 other ranks.

In 2004, PAPRD's organizational structure was extended by recruiting the engineering, law and computer degree holders, with the total of 232 office personnel by developing two new divisions called Project Bill of Quantity Divisions in order to analyze Bill of Quantity of Special Projects to submit to the Special Projects Implementation Board.

PAPRD was integrated into the Planning Department as Progress Reporting Division on 1 April 2015 and it continuously carried out previous functions of PAPRD.

To improve Public Finance Management, it needs to conduct Project Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Works. Moreover, analyzing cost, time and scope and conducting the coordination management, operational management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, project information management, project risk management and procurement management are also needed. Although these nine management processes are not easy to conduct simultaneously, it is believed that these activities could implement step by step by reorganizing PAPRD. Moreover, it is necessary a separate department that could carry out the functions of Development Project Implementation Schedules and Project Estimates. For those reasons, on 1 December 2016, PAPRD has been reorganized with total permitted staffs 232 with 71 officers and 161 other ranks, and the total appointed staffs 101 with 36 officers and 65 other ranks.