Budget Department

Reform Achievements      

          It was divided and submitted as work activity progress and reform activities.

 (1)   In accordance with 2008 Constitution Law, 14 States and Regions Level Budget Departments, 1 Self-Administered Division Budget Department, 5 Self-Administered Zone Budget Departments were established in 2010 and 2011 so as to prepare financial operations of States & Regions and these areas separately.

 (2)   Reviewed the Financial Procedures published by the decree 42/1986, and then updated as ‘Myanmar Financial Management Regulations' by the decree 35/2017 of the Ministry of Planning and Finance dated on 1 April, 2017 instead of directive number.

 (3)   Since 2015-2016 FY, the Budget Department is preparing the Union Budget by Medium Term Fiscal Framework collaborating with the World Bank. The Budget department formulated the deficit financing amount granted by the Union Fund to States and Regions, and limited expenditure ceilings for Ministries based on this framework. Although the Budget Department formulated this by Medium Term Fiscal Framework in terms of 3 indicators: Total Population, Poverty Index, and Per Capita GDP in 2015-2016 FY, another 3 indicators:Area, Tax per collection, and Urban population as a percentage of Total Population had been added and formulated in 2016-2017 FY.

 (4)   The Account Head Book which is using in recurrent expenditure of Ministries and State Economic Enterprises was published in 2016.

 (5)   Taxes collected from Cooperative sector and Private Sector have been shared in accordance with the ratio designated by the Union Government when the Union allocates tax sharing to States and Regions for 2017-2018 FY whereas taxes from State Owned sector are allocated to States and Regions according to the ratio formulated by Medium Term Fiscal Framework.

(6)   Collaborating with the World Bank, with the aim of presenting the overall situations of analyzing Union budget data of 34 ministries including BE, RE, and PA during FY2011/12 to FY2014/15 and then, focusing specific analysis on five pilot ministries named Ministry of Planning and Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Electricity and Energy, and Ministry of Industry to identify the major agencies creating variance.

(7)   The Budget Department is carrying out to develop compilation and reporting system of Myanmar Government Finance Statistics in line with the international standards, to compile and report the annual        data from 2012-2013 FY to 2016-2017 FY with GFSM 2014 Format collaboration with the Government Finance Statistics (GFS), Advisor      of International Monetary Fund (IMF).

(8)   Starting in November 2015, Citizen”s Budget was  published .

 (9)  Collaborating with the  World Bank about the findings of five Chapters of Public Expenditure Review Phase 2: Fiscal Space for Services for Growth; Capital Spending Efficiency; Fiscal Impact of State Economic Enterprises; Tax System Efficiency; and Sound Public Debt Management.

 (10)    Budget Department is collaborating with FPT Information System Company to build Raised Floor, to set up Security System, to get Electricity and Ground Survey for establishing Mini Data Center.