The Central Statistical Organization is Urgently Looking for National Expert for Economic Data Analysis Training (Short Term)


The Central Statistical Organization has an opening position for an expert in short-term training for “Economic Data Analysis for Government Projects”.
Job Description
Deliver a short-term training in the area of;
•    Identification of project benefits and costs
•    Economic valuation of government projects
•    Benefit valuation in different sectors
•    Cost utility analysis
•    Calculation of social discount rate
•    Standard of conversion factor
•    Investment decisions and criteria
•    Sensitivity and risk analysis
Key Requirements
•    Master Degree in Finance or Economics (minimum requirement)
•    At least 10 years of relevant experience in economic and financial data analysis related to government projects
•    Able to work independently
•    Experiences of working with government departments
The interested applicants should send their resume to [email protected], not later than February 24, 2021.
For further enquires: 067 3406351