Political Affairs
  1.  To strengthen a disciplined and authentic multiparty democratic system and to foster a Union founded upon democratic and federal systems.
  2.  To prioritize the attainment of enduring peace for the entire nation in alignment with the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).
  3.  To emphasize the complete restoration of peace and stability and the rule of law throughout the whole Union for the people to enjoy the safety of the socioeconomic life of the people.
Economic Affairs
  4.  To enhance development rooted in agriculture and livestock-inclusive of all ethnic people to ensure national prosperity and food security of the nation utilizing contemporary production methodologies and to promote all-round growth in other       sectors of the economy.
  5.  To invigorate Micro-, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) for the fortification of the export sector, leveraging the momentum of the thriving economic landscape.
  6.  To spur the cultivation of oil crops to meet targeted production levels, thereby achieving self-sufficiency in local oil supply and striving towards both local adequacy and overseas export of surplus oil crops.
Social Affairs
  7.   To implement a multi-education system that addresses all segments of society, nurturing intellectual and intelligent capacities among the entire population and producing a significant pool of skilled technicians crucial for the manufacturing sector.
  8.   To elevate the health and sports sectors inclusive of all the people, improving the longevity and health of the nation.
  9.   To nurture the youth sector, bringing out versatile, physically strong, knowledgeable, morally upright, socially adept and economically empowered young individuals, poised to lead the nation's development efforts.